Friday, April 25, 2008

YouTube Video

Check out my YouTube videos...I'm in the learning process and hope this will become a great marketing tool. Need to practice on taking more professional photography with background and lighting.

What will keep one's attention span?
Just curious 30 second video versus 60 second plus video.

Lastest Update.

I've been busy preparing for Art and Craft Shows.

Here are the upcoming shows!
Art and Craft Fair -Maurice Car`rie Winery -Temecula.
Saturday's 10am to 5pm

Chirp, Butterfly Festival, Alpine CA,
May 3-4, 2008 9am to 5pm
Vejas Shopping Center-Vejas Reservation in the Concert Green area.

Spring Art Glass Patio Sale, Art Glass Guild, Spanish Village, San Diego, CA
May 10-11, 2008 10am to 5pm


Studio 25 Spanish Village, San Diego,CA next to Balboa Park you will find my ART GLASS soon along with 36 local glass artist.

Member of Art Glass Association of Southern California...
Member of Creative Glass Guild of Etsy...
Member of SRAJD Member #1286...
International Organization for the Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer

Be sure to check out my new YouTube video.
Red is Brilliant Isn't It.

This is more of a Collage and Art Glass video on YouTube

Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's February

It's been a busy couple of weeks since I last Posted. Doing a lot of research on the Internet, preparing for show at The ArtBar in Santa Ana for the First Night Out Gallery Walk in the Artist District and tax season is here. I filed my Federal and State but will be admending for my business at a later date.

Lots of great feedback from patrons at The ArtBar everyone loved the geometric designs. Thanks to Melissa who gave me ideas for Spring colors.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Art Glitters too! 2008 Business Plan

It's 2008- time to get organized and focus on creating an online Marketing plan.

Main Focus: Concentration should be on how to draw people to my online store. where my main goal is to sell magnificent "One of A Kind" Art Glass Jewelry.

Agenda: I am also gearing toward adding items other than Art Glass for sale. Why? I want people to find my site and if I have in my store such as: Organic Bath Products etc., I believe this will bring my Target market (females) to my site and my jewelry will gain Exposure. This doesn't sound too complex just makes sense..... Exposure! Exposure! Exposure! is the game.

I played around in 2007 and did not set goals to be up and running online even though I had all intentions. This year I will follow through. I made my first online sale Friday and it feels so good, I want more. I did quite well selling to my friends, co workers and vendoring at art and craft shows and festivals.

I have joined several blogging groups and communities such as Art Glass Groups - CGGE (Creative Glass Guild of Etsy) and SRAJD (Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designers). I pledge to report to the forums at least 3 times weekly and post (is anyone listing?).

Paperwork - Tons of receipts for supplies and Invoices. - this will require an organizaiton system

Hopefully DIY will do a segment on this for Crafters.... You never know :)

Craft Area - Another problem area to tackle especially for supplies and the completed product. I would really love to narrow all this down to one area in my home and not all over. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that.

Attention Grabbers: No, I did not forget about having to let go of my favoite shows such as Project Runway, The Apprentice, Dog Whisper (I don't even have a dog much less a pet I figured his tatics will work on my co workers- psssst!), Greta, Mad Money, Color Splash, Martha Stewart, Forensic Files, Cold Case, 3D, Housewives of Orange County and did I mention American Idol and DIY Network for Crafters. Were you aware that DIY and HGTV are making it easier for crafters with videos online? Whata time saver.

2008 is the year to quit my 8 to 5 J.O.B., work for myself and it's coming close!!!!

Vendor: I will be lining up craft shows, farmers market, Open House for Art Galleries and 1st Night Out. 1st Night Out are held either 1st or last Friday or Saturday of the month where local Artist can vendor their artwork in the Art Districts. I'm showing in Ocean Beach, Santa Ana and San Clemente along with San Diego for now and will be expanding.

As as member of the Art Glass Association of Southern California and the Art Glass Guild I will be a vendor in their 4 large events at Spanish Village in 2008. I now have my first shot of Retailing my Art Designs at Studio 25 (run by the Art Glass Guild) in Spanish Village located at the world famous Balboa Park in San Diego.

Ok my thoughts are in action and now on with my business plan and goals. Off to make Totally Organic Bath Products -h-m-m-m-m soap sounds like a great idea.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Art Glitters

I like the sound of Art Sizzles or Art Glitters for my branding and so far this has work for me. I give credit to e-PRO,an online Technology course, for preparing me in creating my online Marketing Plan for 2008.

New to Blogging!

I have been active for quite some time reading blogs of others in all walks of life. Blogs are the way to go now to promote you and your business. Blogs are to me like a journal of your daily thoughts. Blogs are ways to meet new friends with the same interest.